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Singo / Bingo

We have several options for hosting larger gatherings with Bingo & Singo. 


Singo is when you combine "Name That Tune and Bingo" into one. We have several category cards ranging from; 80's Pop, Classic Rock, 2000's-2010' hits, Disco, 80'-90's Country, Alternative Rock and so much more..... Each round we pick a category and hand out our custom Singo cards. The DJ then plays 1 min of each song as your guests mark off that song on their Singo sheets. The first one to get a bingo wins that round! This option is for small and large groups up to 75 players. 

Great for: Dinner parties, in between seminars, during casino nights

Includes: dj, sound system, singo cards, wet erase markers

Actual Equipment

Vintage Bingo (plays 100)

Our Vintage Bingo setup is great for small and large crowds up to 100 players. This bingo setup comes with a vintage light up board that can be seen across any size room. 

Includes: vintage bingo machine, light board, one attendant, light board, 100 reusable bingo cards

Do it Yourself Bingo (plays 100)

Actual Equipment

This small bingo machine is great for smaller parties that you would like to host yourself. This option DOES NOT come with a light up board. 

Includes: Bingo Machine and  100 reusable bingo cards

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