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How it Works

  • Choose your Venue: Oklahoma has several great venues to host your party. Whether you want the elegance of a hotel ball room or the comfort of a private home, we can do it all... .

​                                                              Click here to see a list of our favorite venues!

  • Choose your tables and services: When it comes to tables, we recommend supplying 60%-70% seating for your guests. We will NOT attempt to up-sale you on tables. We have found this range is the perfect proportion to pack your tables with guests, while sill allowing those who aren't ready to play space to mingle. Don't forget the music! Every great party has great music! We offer great DJ and Karaoke services as well! Want to play your own music? We also rent out sound system equipment that is simple enough to hook up your own phone or laptop! 


  • Booking: Once you fill out the contact page we will send you our pricing along with a booking link. When you know what you want, fill out the booking link in the email and we will issue you a service agreement and invoice. A 50% deposit is due along with the signing of the agreement in order to secure your booking.


  • Setup: (Setup times DO NOT interfere with dealing times) If you are in the OKC Metro, we like to setup mid-day. This ensures that we are setup and ready to go before guests arrive. If you are outside the OKC metro we will usually start setting up 1.5 hours before gaming time.


  • Dealing Times: All our tables and services are rented out for a 3 hour minimum. We recommend starting your dealing times between 30 to 45 minutes before guests arrive or after dinner. This way, guests can show up fashionably late and mingle. Once dealing time starts, leave it to us! We specialize in teaching your guests how to play along with some tips and trick of the trade!


  • Prizes: Most of our clients offer prizes to their guests at the end of the night. This option is completely up to you. Some people enjoy playing for fun, while others like to make things more competitive.

Top Chip Winner(s): Ten minutes before gaming ends, our dealers, will call out “Last Three Hands!”. This gives your guests time to make their final bets and our dealers time to add up the top winners. Once we add up everyone's winnings, we will give you the list.

Raffle Tickets: Ten minutes before gaming ends, our dealers, will call out “Last Three Hands!”. This gives your guests time to make their final bets and our dealers time to exchange chips for raffle tickets. We usually issue one raffle ticket per $250-$500 in winnings. Guests will then put their tickets in a bowl(s) and you can draw for winners. (Don't forget, you will need to provide some fun prizes for this option.)

(Please note that you cannot award prizes if guests have to “pay to play” the games. If you are a charity or fundraiser please contact us for rules and regulations)

  • Breakdown: Once gaming ends, we immediately start breaking down and hauling things out of the venue. We do not breakdown tables before your scheduled gaming time ends unless told otherwise. Breakdown usually happens as you are issuing out prizes to your guests. We also offer late break down options. Ask for a quote!

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