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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your COVID procedures?: The health and safety of our guests is our top priority! We have several things in place to provide the best service that we can! 

  • All tables and equipment are sanitized before and after each use. 

  • We rotate our stock after each use and we do not reuse anything within a 7 day period.

  • Hand sanitizer bottles are at each of the tables for dealers and players. 

  • All dealers and staff wear face masks throughout the event. 

  • When space is provided, we separate each table apart from each other. 

  • If a player doesn't want to handle chips, the dealer will make bets for players per player’s requests.

  • What is the min/max number of tables we can rent?: We can host parties up to 1-500 guests. No event is too big or too small! 


  • How many tables should we rent?: We recommend 60%-70% seating for your guests. We will NEVER up-sale you on tables you don't need. This range is the sweet spot for most events. This packs your tables while allowing those who don't play to mingle. If you need help choosing tables please ask! 


  • How many hours come with the rental? : Each of our rentals comes with 3 hours with the option of adding additional hours. If you wan the table for less than 3 hours then that is fine as well! Please not that you will be charged for the 3 hours either way. 


  • Do you deal for the FULL 3 hours?: Absolutely! 10 minutes before gaming ends we will call out last 3 hands. This lets your guests make their final bets along with giving the dealers time to exchange chips for raffles. 


  • Can we play for money or cash games?: Unfortunately the state of Oklahoma doesn't allow cash games except in the regulated Indian casinos. We are very strict on this rule! Non, Nada, Zilch! 


  • When do you setup and does it interfere with gaming times? : If you are in the OKC Metro we like to setup mid-day! This insures that we are setup and ready to go before your guests arrive. Setup times DO NOT interfere with gaming times. We offer free setups for parties with 4 or more tables. 

  • Do you provide stools and chairs for your tables? : Yes! We are the only company in the state that provides a stool/chair service free of charge. This way your guests can sit down and relax all night rather than standing up! Roulette and Craps tables are standing tables. 


  • When do you break down the tables? : We break down and haul off our tables as soon as gaming time ends. (never before unless told otherwise) This usually takes us about 15-20 minutes. We do offer late break down times. Please ask for quote!

  • What comes with the table rentals? : Each of our tables comes with a dealer (2 dealers for compact craps, 3 dealers for regulation craps), real 13.5 gram weighted clay chips, cards stools/chairs and all other accessories. We bring everything you need to host a great party! 

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