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Compact Craps (plays 10-12) - 2 dealers 

Actual Equipment

The craps table is always the loudest table in the room! Don't let this table fool you, it may look intimidating but our wonderful dealers will get you rolling in no time! This table is a must for any size party! What better way to learn Vegas' best highest payout game than with fake money? No doubt your guest will love it!

(2nd most popular game)

Compact Craps: This is the smallest craps table we offer. We provide 2 professional dealers with this table for fastest game play and more opportunities to teach your guests how to play. This table is a great fit for smaller parties (10 tables or less) and if your space is limited. For In-Home Parties this 8ft table can fit in most living rooms/dinning rooms as well! 

How to play: Craps, in its most simplest form, is a game to where the players bet on numbers they think the "shooter" will roll before he/she rolls a SEVEN. If numbers that were bet are rolled before a SEVEN then they win on those numbers. If a SEVEN is rolled then the house wins all the bets. Unlike most games, the bets ride on the table unless a SEVEN is rolled. Most other casino games you either "win" or "lose" each time you bet. If their is a hot "shooter" then players can make some serious $$$! The the longer the shooter rolls the louder this table gets!  

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